July 28, 2014
there will come a night where I start drinking and just wander around my house making fun of all the appliances that don’t have wifi yet
Matt Jankowski, on the proliferation of internet-enabled versions of things
July 18, 2014
How do we get this to be an editor again?
Joe does some work in Xcode
July 17, 2014
  • Mark A: Diana:
  • Mark A: > We also recombining creating a unit test suite for the viewer app.
  • Mark A: Did you mean recommend?
  • Diana Z: Yes, but with a Scooby-Doo accent.
July 16, 2014
  • Joe F.: I wonder if middleware is actually the way to go here
  • Joe F.: just change the slug requests to look like "normal" requests
  • Chad P.: thats what I was originally thinking
  • Prem S.: I like that idea. but will that introduce surprise?
  • Joe F.: sikachu: it will be a lovely surprise
  • Joe F.: you'll find it and think, "my, what a nice surprise"
  • Joe F.: "what a polite piece of middleware"
  • Matt J.: Principle of Pleasant Surprise
Joe summarizes Gordon’s summarize of thoughtbot culture of 2013
  • Joe summarizes Gordon’s summarize of thoughtbot culture of 2013
July 10, 2014

Workplace Safety

  • Thom O.: Prem vs Tony in a Safety off... to the death
  • Joe F.: two enter, neither leaves
July 7, 2014

Bang! Zoom! Right to the Moon!

  • Joe F.: we left a bunch of stuff on the moon
  • Joe F.: I want to get get it and put it in a moon museum
  • Joe F.: Kickstart rejected my project though
  • Gordon F.: moonseum
  • Gordon F.: fuck, joe, it's like you aren't even trying.
  • Joe F.: I was leaving it for somebody else to do
  • Joe F.: can't hog all the moon amusement
  • Gordon F.: amoonsment god damn do I have to do everything around here


  • Reda L.: The 4th of July is the Stockholm office's official "NO JAVASCRIPT" day.
  • Calle E.: That's how we celebrate our freedoms
  • Calle E.: freeDOMs
July 3, 2014
If someone offers you a free passport- they probably will also make you smuggle a bag with you
Anna’s advice on getting a passport.
July 2, 2014
But we still advance, right? I believe that’s how the world cup works. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, we still advance… until we win.
Don Okuda, after World Cup soccer match.

That's why teleportation exists, right?

  • [4: 54PM EDT]
  • Tony D.: going to USA game .. be back later
  • Anna M.: you won't make it to brazil in time
June 26, 2014
  • Nick R.: After having swedish liquorice, i'm concerned about what a swedish cinnamon roll tastes like
  • Gabe B.: Scandinavian licorice is amazing, nick
  • Nick R.: Sure, if you like things that taste bad
June 20, 2014

Joe Ferris is not just a CTO, he’s also a beer hero
Matt, after Joe announces beer o’clock