October 20, 2014
  • Anna M: use your best judgement: thoughtbot's expense and leftover policy
October 17, 2014

The good old days

  • Jon Y: Pro tip: Make sure Dropbox isn't Paused if you're wondering why sync isn't working.
  • Ian A: Remember when Dropbox was on cassette and you had to rewind it every day?
  • Joe F: my Dropbox got a little stretched out and now it's hella slow and weird
October 10, 2014
  • Jon: Anyone tried using Oracle on OSX?
  • Joe: haha
October 8, 2014
  • Derek P.: During soccer Owen will occasionally just hug someone in the middle of a play. Our team, their team. Doesn't matter. He'll just stop kicking the ball and hug someone
  • Derek P.: hard to get mad
  • Derek P.: ... he's not very good at soccer
September 24, 2014
that seems like a mistake
Matt Jankowski, on Apple’s iPhone update breaking TouchID and Cell Service.
September 15, 2014

Adventures in Boston Building Design

  • Josh C.: @lydia: we're heading to 5 in building 20
  • Lydia D.: This is 10. We are in the room it's on the 5th floor in the same building we are usually in
  • Lydia D.: wait though...is it?
  • Derek P.: Yeah so uhh... go up a floor so you can walk from 6th floor in 20 to 5th floor in 10 or something insane. Don't forget the use your magic boomerang. You may also need the power bracelet
  • Mike B.: Are you in MIT?
  • Gordon F.: are y'all at MIT?
September 12, 2014
a lot of your parents are redundant
Pat makes an interesting typo
September 11, 2014


  • connie: how do you feel about those editable emojis on the apple watch
  • sikachu: :poop:
September 10, 2014
melanie & pat— I see you guys coordinated pants again and didn’t tell me
September 9, 2014
  • Derek P.: Steve Jobs never would have let this delay happen
  • Matt J.: we're now approaching minute 5 of derek not being able to listen to a new mediocre album from u2
  • Derek P.: out there somewhere, someone is listening to this new album and knows it's mediocrity before me.
  • Derek P.: this disappoints me. I am disappoint.

Soothing voice

  • Connie C.: Ive's voice is very soothing...
  • Corwin H.: Connie I listen to Ive's product videos to fall asleep at night
September 8, 2014

Original jeans. Original status codes.

  • Chad P: it's working fine for me
  • Joe F: yeah, just came back up
  • Joe F: I was getting 502s for a while
  • Mark A: Are those the ones with the button fly
  • Mark A: boot cut?
September 5, 2014
  • Mark A: NSFW
  • Lisa S: what does nsfw mean
  • Mark A: Lisa please don't google nsfw
  • Mark A: it's not going to work out how you think
  • Lisa S: I just did
  • Mark A: oh god
  • Lisa S: it's not bad
  • Lisa S: it says "Not suitable for work"

Babies are resilient

  • Derek P.: I feel like I should clarify. You should still try really hard not to drop your baby.
  • Matt J.: however hard you try to like ... catch the T before it leaves
  • Matt J.: try that hard
  • Matt S.: so when you don't catch it, pretend you weren't even trying to?